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Stumbling Blocks To Avoid If You Want To Be Successful Online... 

I want to share with you a Stumbling Block that so may people have

consulted me about. The question they ask is "Jay why I am I not making

any money online" when all the time the programs or products I promote

are known to convert". My first question for them is - "how long have you

been promoting the program or product"? Most times their reply is maybe

a week or so. People, regardless of what you may have seen or been told,

you have to be Consistent with your marketing and give it time. When you

join a certain program or promote a product be willing to put in some

Serious daily promoting time. When you hear of success stories where they

are making sale after sale right away it is normally because of various factors.

Some being: the persons giving the testimonials on the sales page have a very

large email list already, or they have success with using other peoples email list.

So if you want to be successful at making money online you have to Promote, Promote, Promote. If you want ways to make money from home, you will find

that you have to experiment with various types of marketing until you locate

what works best for you. You need to drive as much targeted traffic to your

offers. You have to remember that you would Not want to promote a make

money online program or product in a listing where they are dedicated to weight loss programs. You have to designate a set time on a daily basis that you spend just placing ads and once visitors to where you place the ads continue to see your ads popping up it actually strikes their curiosity and they will click on your ad and check out what you have to offer. NEVER think that you can post your ads one (1) time and you are going to make tons of sales. It just don't work that way-Sorry. Whether you are using Free Traffic or Paid Traffic you still have to be a CONSISTENT marketer to be successful. If you are totally new to unique ways to make money from home, I will be providing more relevant strategies in a few days that should be very helpful to you. Until then I am going to leave you this jewel that can really get you on a positive road "when you want to make money from home legitimately".  Set a goal

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